The entrance to your home is important.

Steps and porches are one of the most prominent features at the entryway to your home. A beautiful porch can allow additional living space for your home in the warmer seasons. Your walkway and steps will be viewed everyday, make sure that its sending the right message.

The porch is your home’s gateway and the focus point, meaning you can drastically improve the image of your home. Homes that are located on a slope may need a walkway with additional steps and guardrails for easier access.

S & R Quality Construction has many years of masonry experience and will help you an build effective walkway, steps, and porch that transition seamlessly into your home.


  • It’s your home’s focal point
  • Improves your curb appeal
  • Viewed and used everyday
  • Steps can conquer steep slopes
  • Elevated porches provide improved viewing area